Who is the Councillor for equality?

Provincial Councillor for Equality is appointed by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, in consultation with the Ministry for Equal Opportunities, and has functions of promoting and monitoring the implementation of the principles of equality and non-discrimination in employment for women and men.

With Interministerial Decree of 27.10.2011, have been appointed as the new Councillor for Equality effective, Mrs. Clare Mazzeo, and the new Councillor for Equality deputy, Mrs. Valeria Del Pizzo.

The aim is to achieve substantive equality between women and men at work.

Councillor intervenes to:

  •     Promote women’s employment also through the support of labor market policies, including training, working with the Department of Employment Policy and the Provincial Commission for Equal Opportunities.
  •     Protect  workers with respect to the application of the law of equal opportunities in the workplace, in collaboration with the Provincial Directorate of Labour. Councillor, as a public official has a duty to report offenses to the judicial authorities of which it is aware, denouncing them to the Labour Court or promoting reconciliation efforts.In this capacity, can take legal action to protect workers or workers discriminated against on grounds of sex.

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